Beth K. Segal


mobile:   646-245-8681



Freelance Editor:  1998 to present




This is Tim 2018-19

How can one man—always the sideman, never the star—shape a community and change the face of the local music scene? THIS IS TIM: A Musical Life follows one man’s journey through life, love and tragedy, as told through the eyes of his daughter and the musicians he inspired.

Glitter Tribe 2015

A documentary feature about the passion and personalities at the heart of today’s new wave of burlesque. On stage and in candid conversation, twelve of today’s hottest performers reveal the naked truth about an exotic world where artifice is a route to authenticity and pretending to be someone else is the ultimate journey to become yourself.


From Darkroom to Digital 2014 Emmy Winner

PBS profiles a range of established and emerging photographers who share their perspectives about the current state of the art of photography and insight into the history of photography in Oregon.


Walking the Camino 2013

A walk across northern Spain turns into a life changing experience.  6 major characters and a host of minor characters make up the map of this former Catholic pilgrimage path that now boasts over 100,000 pilgrims a year.


Camp Victory: Afghanistan 2010

The US National Guard has been deployed to Afghanistan to train the Afghan National Army. This film follows several soldiers — Afghan and American — who across the divide of language, culture and religion must accomplish a near impossible task: crafting a modern army to serve a struggling nation.


Prison Town 2007

Feature length documentary examining the socio-economics of small American towns that, in an effort to save their flagging economies, invite prisons to be built in their vicinity.


9 Days in New Hampshire 2004

Documentary on the Democratic primary race in 2004.  


Frederic Brenner: Hong Kong & China 1999

 A narrative piece on the French photographer, Frederic Brenner and his trip to Hong Kong and China.  I selected all the music, designed the look, of opening and closing titles as well as all effects within the piece. 


Eco Challenge 1999

5 one-hour documentaries on the 1999 endurance race, "Eco Challenge."  Although very contemporary in its youth orientation, it is highly narrative and paced with music sequences.


A Way of Harmony, Spice Trader 1999

Short documentaries for English-language television in Hong Kong.  "A Way of Harmony" Examines the lives of three artists in Hong Kong and their influences.  Cutting varied from long dissolves to very fast-pace cutting and use of motion effects to lend pictorial interest to the show.




Various programs from reality-based one hour shows for Lifetime, MSNBC, face-paced sports including Eco Challenge, to biographies for A&E.  Pacing varied from "MTV" style cutting to slower, more thoughtful story telling.

  In Pursuit 2019 Discovery

John Walsh pursues fugitives on the run and locate missing children in a brand new series.

The hour-long series explores two cases each week through the eyes of family members, friends, and local authorities who are desperate for resolution.

Crimes of Fashion - Discover ID 2018

Another crime show with a twist - these murders all happened in the fashion industry.


The Zimmern List 2018 The FoodNetwork

Star of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern, does a half-hour reality-esque food and travel show.


Somebody Feed Phil - Netflix series coming in 2018

Culinary adventure, travel and comedy show with the creator of Everyone Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal.


The Hunt 2014/2016

1 hour scripted recreations of America’s Most Wanted spin-off with John Hunt.


The Getaway (Esquire) 2014

An American travel documentary television series  produced by Anthony Bourdain and followed celebrities as they have tours of their favorite or dream destinations for a quick trip.


Stalked – Someone’s Watching You 2013

Biography/Crime.  Frightening stories of stalking victims.  Recreations.


Living Alaska 2013

Reality show for DIY about couples and their search for new homes.


Million Dollar Contractor 2011-2012

Reality type show about a high-end contractor in New York’s multi-million dollar real estate business.  Responsible for editing, writing pick ups, music selection, all content.



Dog – The Bounty Hunter 2006, 2011, 2012

1/2-hour fast-paced verite show on the life of a bounty hunter.  No narration, music montages in show, etc.


Super Pooches 2010

Comedy reality show about the competitive world of dog shows a la Best in Show.


The Shift 2009-10
A one-hour series that follows a team of homicide detectives at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The series tracks the detectives as they work around the clock. We'll find out what it takes for them to solve a case, and how they maintain their high solve and conviction rates.


Rehab Addict 2008

Verite show about a contractor in Minneapolis who remodels and flips dilapidated Victorian houses.  Responsible for all content, writing, editing.


First 48 2000-2007

1-hour verite, crimes show for A&E.  Worked as editor on first show, developing style and graphics for series (my first show received the highest rating for a network created show).   Edited an additional 3 shows.


King of Cars 2006

Strictly verite show about the biggest car dealer in the U.S.  Responsible for editing and music selection. 


The Knot 2005-06

1/2-hour reality episode on weddings for the Oxygen Network.  Worked as Preditor on this show (again, my first show received the highest rating for a network created show).


Family Plots 2004

Wonderful half-hour show on a real family that works in a funeral home.  Verite version of Six Feet Under.  No narration, fast-pasted and funny.


Maternity Ward 2003-05

A one-hour reality-based documentary on the birth process.   All cutting done before scripting.  In addition to cutting, editor was responsible for music selection.


The Isaac Mizrahi Show 2004-06

1/2 hour interview show done both on set and in the field (documentary like pieces).


Trauma, Life in the ER 2002

A one-hour reality-based documentary on medical emergencies.   All cutting done before scripting.  In addition to cutting, editor was responsible for all narration and music choices.


LifeTime 2000

2 one-hour documentaries on the lives of women doctors.  All cutting done before scripting.  In addition to cutting, editor was responsible for all narration and music choices.


Biography 2000-2012

This is a chronological documentary show for A&E.  Style varies from straightforward linear cutting, to fast-paced music montages. Produced, edited and wrote the script for Pink Floyd (2008).


Investigative Reports 2001

One hour shows on various investigative topics including surveillance, earthquakes, prisons, etc.  Cutting done before scripting.


Oxygen/Oxygen Sports 2000-01

A half-hour pilot, “Faces of Change,” where I helped shaped the stories and set the style for the show. Also sports shows intermingled with documentary-like features on sports, athletes, health, etc.  Fast-paced cutting.


TWI Sports 2000

Features on sports figures, health, etc.




Living Alaska

Million Dollar Contractor

Super Pooch


Surprise Inspection

Hair Dressers



BBC Correspondent, Channel 9 Australia. 

Both short (2 minute) and long-form (10 minute) stories - all narrative in nature, with a correspondent doing investigative journalism.



Editing Concepts, Kirshenbaum, TWI



Freelance Animator 1995-97

Colossal Pictures

Living Books (Ruff’s Bone, Moon Child)

Commercials – Levis, MTV

Wild Brain

Commercials (STP Oil, Nike)


Freelance Assistant Animator 1989-95

Colossal Pictures

Commercials (Pillsbury Doughboy, Levis, Pepsi, Banker’s Trust, Intel, Coke, etc.)

Interstitials (MTV)

Station Ids (MTV, Nickelodeon)


Wild Brain

Commercials (Cheerios, Allstate, Mainstay

Feature films (Ferngully II)



Feature (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Effects assistant animator


Other Freelance work

            TV series (Rocko’s Modern Life)


Languages: French

Additional Skills: Animation, Photography